Amazing Andrej

Sometimes dreams come true. But in this particular case it is a fantasy that materialised and took form a fashion world sensation Andrej Pejic. I love androgynous people, I have a single aesthetic ideal for all people however they choose to identify themselves. And Andrej personifies this ideal. I am sure that there are many people, who share Andrej’s qualities, but well, they are not as famous as he is and they do not have a wonderful blog dedicated to them (I bow to the Haus of Andrej Pejic and its creator), where I could daily feed my aesthetic obsession.

I will not write yet another biography of Andrej, the Internet is full of those. I want to share my love with those, who still were (luckily for them 😉 )  deprived of my overly enthusiastic babble about the first ever model I know anything about.

Apart from being simply perfect he has also a wonderfully pretentious image, he is charming and quite witty. I wish to share the best interviews I found with him: 1) video,  2) text

If I managed to interest you in Andrej then I wish to point out, that as he gets more and more famous there is already some controversy surrounding his person.

First was the censorship scandal.

And he was voted world’s 98th sexiest woman (seriously though with all the generic Hollywood dolls before him, he should have been at least in the top twenty). There was, however, a major fail on the part of the magazine, that publishes this particular list.

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