My favourie web comics

Every morning, when I eat breakfast there are these wonderful few minutes when I check my RSS reader for the updates of my favourite web comics. I actually think that these free web comics are  far better written and much more beautifully drawn than most of the commercially published stuff, but that is just my opinion.  So here is a list of my top favourites aka those I am definitely buying the printed version of. Some of these may have adult themes, sex, violence and so on. The genre is, well if I get it wrong in your opinion then sorry, I am not good with labels. The order is probably chronological according to when I stumbled upon these lovely stories:

1. Digger – genre: fantasy; finished. It has a cool expressionist style, fabulous characters (a wombat among them!), absurd sense of humour.

2. Two Rooks – genre: sf/criminal; on-going, sort of *sigh*; plot driven and what a plot it is, needs re-reading to see that all fits together soo well, stylistically stunning (manga inspired), witty dialogues, and on a personal bias note all guys have long hair ❤

3. Marsh Rocket – genre: cyber punk; finished, really sad because it lacks a definite conclusion, but the author moved on to do other things *sigh*. Nice criminal plot, hilarious dialogue. Interesting drawing and colouring style.

4. Lackadaisy – genre: noir?; on-going; sepia, cats, the prohibition  in the USA, sweet characters, the language may be tad of a challenge for a non native speaker.

5. Gone with the blast wave – genre: the title speaks for itself, post-apocalyptic sf; on-going, sort of; two soldiers lost in an endless city, slightly morbid but hilarious dialogue, interesting art.

6. The less than epic adventures of TJ and Amal – genre: … romance I guess or a road comic?; on-going; two guys driving across the USA, there might be a plot in there somewhere, but I can live without it , because the story is simply cute and the art is exceptional

7. Oglaf! – genre: fantasy comedy porn; on-going; unrelated or loosely connected shorts or single strips; hilarious especially if fantasy is your thing.

8. Gunnerkrigg Court – genre: fantasy; on-going; a must read for all Neil Gaiman fans; magical plot and wonderful art.

9. Chirout – genre: fantasy; on-going; starts a little slow, but has nice characters and becomes addictive, I just hope the website will be improved soon.

10. String Theory – genre: sf; on-going; begins very innocently, but it is merely a deception, the plot thickens, weird characters weirder plot.

11. The Abominable Charles Christopher – genre: fantasy with cute animals; on-going; actually rather serious, has quite a few current themes in it, very beautiful,  very touching, often quite funny.

These are not the only web comics I follow, my RSS reader has probably around 40 subscriptions in the comics section. These, however,are those that excite me most, when I see an update. There are some that might get onto a second version of this list If I choose to write it some time in the future, but they are  still too short for me to be over-excited about them.  They need to prove themselves like these did, that they are capable of maintaining a decent quality for a long time – preferably till the end. If you have your favourites please link to them in the comments.

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