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My favourie web comics

Every morning, when I eat breakfast there are these wonderful few minutes when I check my RSS reader for the updates of my favourite web comics. I actually think that these free web comics are  far better written and much more beautifully drawn than most of the commercially published stuff, but that is just my opinion.  So here is a list of my top favourites aka those I am definitely buying the printed version of. Some of these may have adult themes, sex, violence and so on. The genre is, well if I get it wrong in your opinion then sorry, I am not good with labels. The order is probably chronological according to when I stumbled upon these lovely stories:

1. Digger – genre: fantasy; finished. It has a cool expressionist style, fabulous characters (a wombat among them!), absurd sense of humour.

2. Two Rooks – genre: sf/criminal; on-going, sort of *sigh*; plot driven and what a plot it is, needs re-reading to see that all fits together soo well, stylistically stunning (manga inspired), witty dialogues, and on a personal bias note all guys have long hair ❤

3. Marsh Rocket – genre: cyber punk; finished, really sad because it lacks a definite conclusion, but the author moved on to do other things *sigh*. Nice criminal plot, hilarious dialogue. Interesting drawing and colouring style.

4. Lackadaisy – genre: noir?; on-going; sepia, cats, the prohibition  in the USA, sweet characters, the language may be tad of a challenge for a non native speaker.

5. Gone with the blast wave – genre: the title speaks for itself, post-apocalyptic sf; on-going, sort of; two soldiers lost in an endless city, slightly morbid but hilarious dialogue, interesting art.

6. The less than epic adventures of TJ and Amal – genre: … romance I guess or a road comic?; on-going; two guys driving across the USA, there might be a plot in there somewhere, but I can live without it , because the story is simply cute and the art is exceptional

7. Oglaf! – genre: fantasy comedy porn; on-going; unrelated or loosely connected shorts or single strips; hilarious especially if fantasy is your thing.

8. Gunnerkrigg Court – genre: fantasy; on-going; a must read for all Neil Gaiman fans; magical plot and wonderful art.

9. Chirout – genre: fantasy; on-going; starts a little slow, but has nice characters and becomes addictive, I just hope the website will be improved soon.

10. String Theory – genre: sf; on-going; begins very innocently, but it is merely a deception, the plot thickens, weird characters weirder plot.

11. The Abominable Charles Christopher – genre: fantasy with cute animals; on-going; actually rather serious, has quite a few current themes in it, very beautiful,  very touching, often quite funny.

These are not the only web comics I follow, my RSS reader has probably around 40 subscriptions in the comics section. These, however,are those that excite me most, when I see an update. There are some that might get onto a second version of this list If I choose to write it some time in the future, but they are  still too short for me to be over-excited about them.  They need to prove themselves like these did, that they are capable of maintaining a decent quality for a long time – preferably till the end. If you have your favourites please link to them in the comments.


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Amazing Andrej

Sometimes dreams come true. But in this particular case it is a fantasy that materialised and took form a fashion world sensation Andrej Pejic. I love androgynous people, I have a single aesthetic ideal for all people however they choose to identify themselves. And Andrej personifies this ideal. I am sure that there are many people, who share Andrej’s qualities, but well, they are not as famous as he is and they do not have a wonderful blog dedicated to them (I bow to the Haus of Andrej Pejic and its creator), where I could daily feed my aesthetic obsession.

I will not write yet another biography of Andrej, the Internet is full of those. I want to share my love with those, who still were (luckily for them 😉 )  deprived of my overly enthusiastic babble about the first ever model I know anything about.

Apart from being simply perfect he has also a wonderfully pretentious image, he is charming and quite witty. I wish to share the best interviews I found with him: 1) video,  2) text

If I managed to interest you in Andrej then I wish to point out, that as he gets more and more famous there is already some controversy surrounding his person.

First was the censorship scandal.

And he was voted world’s 98th sexiest woman (seriously though with all the generic Hollywood dolls before him, he should have been at least in the top twenty). There was, however, a major fail on the part of the magazine, that publishes this particular list.

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Nemo and modern physics

This probably isn’t a proper film review, even though a film inspired this post, more precisely Mr. Nobody by Jaco Van Dormael.

So to keep it all neat  I guess I should firstly introduce the said movie:

Rating: ND (Although I am slightly uncertain how to rate this one, because it was also a tad disturbing – maybe I need a U category for unsettling 😉 )

I will not summarize the plot, because I feel that in the worst case scenario I will spoil the film for someone or it will be just misleading at best.  I suspect that as I write this other internet users create posts on the possible interpretations of this film and their answers to the question what was real and what was… well a fantasy, dream, imagination? Again for me these words are misleading at best. The film is long (over two hours), slow and artsy. There are also moments when it is very beautiful in a way that greatly appeals to me.

I went to see it mostly because of the trailer, one that sadly I cannot find anywhere on line. The trailer had no dialog, just music and left a very strong impression. The other reason was Jared Leto. I had a soft spot for him, as I have for everyone, who played in My So-Called Life. I have not seen him in anything for a while, he rarely plays in films that catch my attention and the last time I had seen him in major role was in the horrid train wreck that Requiem for a Dream is. I did not like him in Mr. Nobody and I kind of feel he should concentrate on his musical career. He had an eternally surprised face, which fitted to some scenes but definitely not to all of them. His performance felt particularly bad, because it so strongly contrasted with of the much more intense and affectionate one by Toby Regbo, who played the 16 year old Nemo.

The film is an artistic take on the M Theory and other problems pursued by modern physics. It inspired me to revise my very stale understanding of physics. The last time I had anything to do with it was over 10 years ago and at that time physics in school did not venture beyond the ideas explored in the 19th century. Here are two films that I found very interesting and easy two follow (they are about an hour each):

PBS NOVA – The Elegant Universe (it has 7 parts on youtube, you can skip about 3 min of the first part, because it is just a lengthy intro)

Parallel Universe (it has 4 parts on youtube)

For me things described in these simple and explanatory films (aimed at ignorant people like me) were both fascinating and disturbing. There is something highly unsettling in considering these infinite or incredibly huge or unbelievably tiny things.

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A Single Man by Tom Ford

Rating: ND

George is a professor of English , who lost his lover in a car accident. We see just one day out of his life, the day he decided to be his last. We see him preparing to take his own life, while ordinary, everyday occurrences and simple objects trigger his memories.

This film is very special to me on a few levels. I simply loved it for the aesthetics, it is a tribute to the human form, everyone was portrayed  in it very tastefully and with passion. I also loved all the interiors in the film, especially  George’s house. The other thing was the way George contemplated suicide and how he prepared to it. The importance of not leaving a mess, I could really relate to that.There was also so much awkward humour, which I simply love. It touched me very deeply, how this film dealt with the problem of loss and longing.

It was one of these very few movies that actually managed to get me completely over excited, I was all tense in the cinema, acting like a  moron. I loved it that is why this is the first film I write about after the break, this is how special it is.

More datails here.

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things that look good blue

• classical yukata designs

• jeans

• classical porcelain and tiles decoration

• Lapis lazuli beads

• eyes

the staircase in Casa Batlló

police gallardo

Awa indigo cotton

• Dr Martens shoes

• Chinese dragons

pottery glazing

Casa Batlló


Musashi: The Dream of the Last Samurai by Mizuho Nishikubo

Rating: P

Miyamoto Musashi was a legendary samurai and sword master. He was the author of the Book of Five Rings, that has become a classic on the subject of the art of war – or so it is said, the art of war is not something I have ever put much effort to educate myself about. He is also beloved by the Japanese pop culture, there are numerous films, manga and novels devoted to him and his life. Due to this popular interest his biography seems to be clattered with mythical events and the action hero Musashi seems to have overshadowed the historical figure Musashi.

Musashi: The Dream of the Last Samurai is an attempt to sweep away the mythological dust and to guess what kind of person Miyamoto Musashi might have been. I cannot judge the historical value of this attempt, because my interest in the Japanese history ends with the Heian period, but I definitely like the style of this film. For me it was hilarious, but there were moments when I was the only one laughing … this happens to me a lot. Japanese sense of humour does not appeal to everyone, but I liked it a lot. Especially that they made fun of samurai duel clichés – two men standing and looking at each other, silence, a few words are uttered and than one movement, a moment of silence and one of the samurais falls dead – it was hilarious, the way it was animated in this movie. The film is a combination of anime, 3D animation and some landscapes and photos, so it is like a film collage.

I can recommend this film, because I enjoyed it a lot, but this is neither a samurai  action movie nor a documentary film, so one may want to approach it with caution.

Some more information here and a trailer.

On a more personal note I have to add that I was surprised to realize that Miyamoto Musashi was the author of my absolutely favorite ink painting (I had memorized only his Buddhist name – Niten – as the name of the author ^^!):

Kingfisher Perched on a Withered Branch

Kingfisher Perched on a Withered Branch

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Gospodarz by Rymwid Błaszczak

I used the Polish title, because I cannot accept the English title that was chosen for this film. It basically means a farmer or a peasant.

I loved this film. It is so endearing, melancholic and exactly how it should be, not too long or overdone. Of course it is done in the way to capture such sentimental idiots like me… Still it is just great.

In the film we meet Mikołaj Tarasiuk, who lives alone in a secluded Belarusian village near the Polish border. He is a folk artist. By folk artist I do not mean a guy who produces identical, simple, wooden (and rather tasteless) Jesuses, Marys or animals and sells them to tourists. I have a problem with calling such people craftsmen let alone artists. Mikołaj Tarasiuk does not sculpt his figurines to sell them to tourists or even to art galleries. He recreates the world from his past and treats his sculptures like children, they lead their own life in a wooden museum on Mikołaj Tarasiuk’s farm. The style of his sculptures is simple and quite traditionally folk art, but it very much suits his subjects: the long gone way of life, past traditions and simple observations about modern times.

I recommend this film to everyone, but especially to people who like art. I think I helps to be a little sentimental to fully enjoy it .

Some details here, but I do not like this description. And I have to say that I am quite disappointed with the director’s page, no real information there 😦

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delightful smells

• the smell of koicha being whisked

• spring air

• charcoals in the hearth

• new books

• old books

• freshly cut grass

• the air just after a storm

• sandal wood

ps I have decided not to include food, because I think it deserves a list of its own.


Things that look good red

• one half  of an apple (the other half should be green)

• lips

• nails

• lanterns for the Chinese Lantern Festival


• tulip

• Murakami carved and lacquered ware

• a seal impression next to ink writing or painting

• polka dots on a white dress

• winter cherry

• dr martens shoes

Where did the 2 Stallions and the 4 Mares that where the first to step on Australian ground come from ?•